5 Best Kids Magazines

Well Happy New Year you plump, cuddly, cosy lot. For those of you needing ideas for gifts across the year ahead for kids that like to feel important receiving their very own mail from the ‘real life’ postman (nb. Postmen are soon to be featured on Dr Who, and exhibited at The London Transport Museum – watch this space), check out our pick of the best magazine subscriptions for kids who are ready to be read to, ages here start from 3… I’d get the kids involved now, or for those smaller ones, take a look at the online games, and books you can buy as these magazines offer up a stimulating, fun and intelligent world to our families.

the loop 2

1.The Loop (Ages 8-12)

We posted about The Loop the ‘newspaper for kids’ a few months back here. The Loop is a quarterly magazine for curious children aged 9 – 12. The Loop entertains and informs, but most importantly The Loop inspires creative and critical thinking. It is a magazine that thinks it’s a newspaper: they print it like a newspaper and it is fun and informative in equal measure. The Loop takes its readers seriously and engages them in contemporary global and local issues.
You can order online or over the phone, please call Newsstand on Tel: +44 (0)1795 535733
Four issues delivered direct to your door,  all prices include postage UK = £18: EU = £23.00: US = £23.72: WORLD = £25.72
2. Anorak (Ages 6 – 12)
Now celebrating its 7th year with an anniversary edition (Myths and Tales), Anorak is one of the coolest, and hippest mags around, best loved by the trendy, fashion loving & creative types, which is no bad thing. The creators call it the ‘happy mag for kids’. It is aimed at boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 years old, but they stress that they welcome kids of any age to enjoy it ( ideally to really fully enjoy it, they need to be proficient readers). The main focus of The Anorak Press is to educate while having fun, in a non-patronising way, they speak a language that kids (and big kids) relate to. Hear hear Anorak, we heart your passion.
They produce a great range of goodies in their shop, which we totally rate (and whats they have their own Anorak TV available on the iPhone App store), from single issues, activity books, real books, cards, stationary, colouring books, colouring posters, prints & posters, cosmic (clothes) patches, Owl World, french editions, the wonderful Ploc Magazine, and even stuff for grown ups.
Check the website for international rates, but to give you a guide of costs in the UK : 8 issues £40 or 4 issues for £24.
SBcover bayard

The creators call Story Box a “… read aloud magazine to share with your children”. You can subscribe either to just the magazine, or upgrade to include 5 Audio CD’s. Bayard have 3 titles for kids, so your child can step up with each title as they grow.

In Storybox you will find charming ‘read aloud’ stories, science features with Whizkid, you will meet a cute comic kid called SamSam who is cosmic and has a wild imagination, as well as ‘Animal World’ with illustrations and facts of wild animals, the brave little witch Zouk, and fun riddles and games to play. The publishers see themselves as partners with schools & parents supporting the educating and development of children, so each title is produced with an eye on the National Curriculum Literacy Strategy.

You can also subscribe to Adventure Box (Ages 6-9) and Discovery (Ages 9-12). Via the website you can receive a ‘free’ guide to helping your child to read, just fill in your details here.  StoryBox 10 issues £45 + 5 CD’s is £55. Adventure Box 10 issues £45 + 5 CD’s is £55, Discovery Box 10 issues £45 + 2 Owl Kids Books is £65. Buy online from the link above.


4. OKIDO (Ages 3-8)

You will get a good karma when you enter the wondrous world of Okido, supported with an Arts Award from The Wellcome Trust, it is billed as an arts and science magazine for little people.

The brainchild of multimedia designer and scientist, Dr Sophie Dauvois and illustrator Rachel Ortas, it is beautifully illustrated by contemporary artists and designers, so even just to support those splendid creative lot out there you should buy yourself a copy.

If you’re still up for it, you can join in the fun and tab the youtube Okido TV channel, play a few games (my girls love Find Foxy), buy their brilliant Head to Toe Body Book or the My Big World book, and install the App as well as watch out for their creative hands on workshops at the many family friendly festivals around the UK over the Summer.


Oh! we nearly forgot, for pudding and a quick and easy taster of Okido life sign up to the fab blog here.

The magazine subscription (5 issues) costs only £20 plus postage depending upon the country (free postage for UK).

5. National Geographic Kids


We are subscribers to this mag, and are loving it. They issue 13 issues per year, and it is aimed at Boys and girls aged 6-13 with a core age of 8-12. The readers are said to be … conscious about the environment, different cultures and animals and many of the readers take NG Kids to school or use it for help with their homework.

A big hit in our house, with really interesting animal facts, movie news, weird but true facts, a junior reporters club, craft activities, science info, cartoons, and a really fantastic website to support the magazine, which is soon to be our pick of the week site.