5 QUICK ART TUTORIALS inspired by (or given by) great artists

There are some fantastic art educators and artists out there who have taken to their I-phones recently and filmed tutorials for us to enjoy. Here are some of our favourites;

THE NATIONAL GALLERY – ‘Sunflowers’ Van Gogh (8.42mins)

Recreate Van Gogh’s famous ‘Sunflowers’, or draw something you find on your daily walk or lying around the house. All you need to take part is a pencil and paper, or something to draw on, and follow along with educator Bethan:

You might also like this short film with David Hockney on Vincent van Gogh (8.11 mins)

TATE – How to Draw Like Paula Rego (7.15mins)

Here is a step-by-step guide to pastel drawing with artist Katy Papineau. For further tips and details about this activity, visit our website at https://bit.ly/2zoWj2q. Please note, filming took place before the UK’s lockdown measures were introduced.

MOMA – How to paint like Ad Reinhardt (4.58mins)

Learn the techniques behind Ad Reinhardt’s black paintings—and why there is no pure black paint on the canvas—with IN THE STUDIO instructor Corey D’Augustine.


You need to have a wide range of artists materials (including canvas, acrylic gel, ammonia and more) for this one, so maybe don’t invest in everything until you have decided you are 100% committed to your new life as an artist!

NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART – Monet’s Palette and Technique (8.54mins)

Christabel Blackburn – Painting a Portrait Part One (17.59mins)

Join Portrait Artist of The Year winner, Christabel Blackburn, in her first tutorial on painting a portrait. This class will cover setting up your portrait, with an introduction to materials and tips on how to position your subject, be it self-portrait or painting your partner or child. It will also show you how to arrange your palette. Putting first marks down and mapping out proportions and shadow shapes.

Gerhard Richter – fly-on-the-wall documentary (3.18mins)

The filmmaker exposes the notoriously secretive creative process of reclusive German artist Gerhard Richter in this fly-on-the-wall documentary, filmed over three years in the artist’s Cologne studio. (3mins 17)