Global Street Art : London Walls needed : Can You Help ?


We read this from our friends at The Londonist yesterday, we had to share. Let us know your thoughts, and we will happily pass them on. See the article here.

Our friends at Global Street Art are looking for suggestions. They help find new places for street artists to paint — from disused buildings to shop shutters — always with permission of the owners. The Walls Project helps make the urban realm more beautiful and can also raise the profile of the building or business that gets involved, as well as the artist. Last year, they helped over 80 new pieces of art come to fruition (for pictures check, see here).

Global Street Art is looking for new walls and shutters to paint. There are a number of top foreign artists looking for walls in London, like Kobra from Brazil (pictured) and Pixel Pancho from Italy, as well as plenty of talented local artists. Global Street Art is looking for more walls that than it can find.

The German Paint company Montana recently gave Global Street Art 100 cans of paint to help the cause.

So today we’re asking: where is London’s most boring wall, or other paintable surface? Which parts of town could do with brightening up? Could you give permission to paint a street-facing wall or shutter yourself?

They’d particularly like to hear from anyone who owns a property, wall, shop shutter or other surface, who’d like to collaborate with a leading street artist. Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below, or email them direct on