Comica : Independant Comic Fair & Demo’s : Kings Cross : Sat 20th April

We only just found out about this comic festival at one of our favourite urban art-loving spaces in London, Granary Square, Kings Cross happening this Sat 20th April. For all you ‘real’ comic fans there seems to be a pretty impressive line up all through the day, all drawing, signing, being interviewed and generally just being clever.


Once again, this Saturday April 20th at Central Saint Martins, King’s Cross, London, Comica Comiket invites you to watch a dazzling roster of comics creators drawing live and projected onto a big screen at our Drawing Parade – and it’s all completely free. On Saturday April 20th, brings our Spring Comica Comiket from 11am to 7pm. As well as two adjoining rooms, the Foyer and the Studio Theatre, packed with exhibitors, and our much-loved Drawing Parade with a different artist every 30 minutes demonstrating their skills on a big projection screen, we’ll have extra talks and screenings in the Platform Theatre, and a drawing competition in the White Lab to win a £100 Voucher for art materials from Cass Art.

Saturday in The White Lab will also see the unveiling of Dave Gibbons’ provocative response to WHAAM!, Roy Lichtenstein’s iconic, ironic painting now showing at Tate Modern. Gibbons, famed artist and co-creator with Alan Moore of Watchmen, has gone back to Lichtenstein’s comic book source, a panel by Irv Novick, and remixed it as WHAAT?, his witty commentary on Pop Art (below). The two-part, giant-sized framed print will be on show to the public for the first time. Gibbons will be producing limited edition, signed prints of it and offering this sole enlargement for sale in aid of the Hero Initiative charity helping comics creators in need.

Drawing Parade Schedule: Saturday April 20th 2013 – 11am to 6.30pm

11.00-11.30: Stephen Collins The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil (Cape)

11.30-12.00: Terry Wiley Sleaze Castle (Markosia) and VerityFair (Sequential)

12.00-12.30: S.J. Harris Eustace (Cape)

12.30-1.00: Vivane Schwarz The Sleepwalkers (Myriad) & Welcome To Your Awesome Robot (Nobrow)

1.00-1.30: Gary Northfield Derek the Sheep (Bloomsbury), Gary’s Garden (The Phoenix) and Teeny Tinysaurs (Walker)

1.30-2.00: Oliver East Trains Are… Mint, Proper Well High, Berlin, Swear Down (Blank Slate)

2.00-2.30: Hannah Eaton Naming Monsters (Myriad)

2.30-3.00: Dan Berry The Suitcase (Blank Slate)

3.00-3.30: Warren & Gary Pleece Montague Terrace (Cape) and The Great Unwashed (Escape Books)

3.30-4.00: Frazer Irving Batman (DC), Uncanny X-Men (Marvel), Gutsville (Image)

4.00-4.30: Chie Kutsuwada As You Like It (SelfMadeHero), The Story of Lee (NBM), Hagakure (Kodansha)

4.30-5.00: Darryl Cunningham Psychiatric Tales (Blank Slate) and Science Tales (Myriad)

5.00-5.30: Mark Stafford The Man Who Laughs (SelfMadeHero) and Cherubs (Dark Horse)

5.30-6.00: Inko Ketsueki (Markosia) and Fantasy World (Adjiey Media)

6.00-6.30: Neill Cameron Mo-Bot High (The DFC Library) and Pirates of Pangaea (The Phoenix)

All of the artists will be happy to sign their books for you and several will also be giving interviews in the Platform Theatre, details to follow. Paul Gravett and Karrie Fransman will be hosting the Drawing Parade in the Studio Theatre.