Bus Stop note; if you are letting children use the internet, please make sure you do these things 1) Join them whilst they do and 2) Make sure the privacy settings are in place. You can read this post, and this website to guide you.

Also, as much as a virtual world is beneficial to us in many ways, there is nothing better than grabbing a good old fashioned book, or magazine, and even better supporting your local independent book shop.

As always, please leave a comment below if you have any recommendations. Love xo


WARM UP FIRST – It’s a good idea to fit in a 5min warm up whenever you do exercise, most classes will include this in their session, though just incase you are new to this… you could try this 5 MIN WORKOUT to get you ‘match ready’.

8.00am – Flow Yoga with Fly Ldn

8.30am – Ailish McLaughlin Kinstretch class

9.00am – PE with Joe Wicks

9.00am – Captain Fantastic aimed at 3-7 year olds here!:

9.00am – F45 HIIT class

10.00amMaths with Carol Vorderman. – This has been made FREE during the isolation period

10.00am – Scientists from Glasgow Science Centre release a daily science show demo or experiment for over-sevens. Check the website first, as you might need to grabsome materials for the demo – Watch here on FB

10.00amWake Up, Morning Warm Up with Nat and Gav from balletLORENT – Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs (Zoom log in via the FB page)

10.00am – Live Cook Together sessions with Ruths Little Kitchen, showing basic skills & recipes Mon, Thur, Sat & Sun

10.00amLive Yoga from LV Yoga Fareham (Fridays)

11.00amEnglish with David Walliams 

11.00am – SATURDAYS Life Drawing Live Stream 3 Online Drawing Sessions with London Drawing – 2 hours

12.00pmLive Yoga from LV Yoga Fareham (Mon, Wed, Thur)

12.00pmKids Yoga Live on FB with Anne Monaghan (Mondays)

12.00pm – Jamie Oliver cooks lunch on his website here and on Channel 4 here


12.30pm – MONDAYS Mindful Still Life Online Drawing Sessions with London Drawing (Mindful Still-life Mondays). 

12.30pm – THURSDAYS Tonal Portrait Online Drawing Sessions with London Drawing 

1.00pmMusic with Myleene Klass 

1.30pmDance with Darcey Bussell 

12.30pmFly Ldn Yoga

2.00pmCorePower Yoga on YouTube

2.00pmHistory with Dan Snow (free for 30-days) 

4.00pm – Home Economics with Theo Michaels (Mon/Wed/Fri) 

4.00pm – Ben Fogle’s Adventure Class Live on Instagram

4.00pm – SATURDAYS Life Drawing Live Stream 3 Online Drawing Sessions with London Drawing – 1.5hrs

6.00pm – Robert Francis is offering at home coaching for kids on Facebook ‘Stay At Home Football Coaching’ and Youtube (Tues & Thurs).

6.00pmOnline Drawing Sessions with London Drawing.

6.00pm – Fly Ldn Yoga

6.00pm – MONDAYS Mindful Still Life Online Drawing Sessions with London Drawing – 1 hour

6.00pm – TUESDAYS Life Drawing Live Stream Online Drawing Sessions with London Drawing – 2 hours

6.00pm – THURSDAYS Tonal Portrait Online Drawing Sessions with London Drawing – NOTE:  – arrive online 10 mins early, You will need; a Pencil/ Pen, Paper and something small to draw. They recommend something organic like a piece or fruit/ garlic/ a leaf/ flower- but whatever you find interesting and on closer inspection has lots of detail.

7.00pmCorePower Yoga on YouTube

7.00pmLive Adults Yoga LV Yoga Fareham (Mondays)


You can join the #sketchbookclub and try a fun and easy art tutorial with Jennie Maizels

There are free art history lessons available on the MOMA website. Enroll any time and complete the course at your own pace.

Noodoll have an origami tutorial here

Curator Lucy Chiswell (the Dorset Curatorial Fellow for Paintings 1600-1800), explores a day in the countryside through paintings by Rubens, Constable and Corot, thanks to The National Gallery.

Bookmark this website, and you will be the zoom quiz art champion of the year (clue: artcyclopedia)

Watch What Do Artists Do All Day? on YouTube (as recommended by Keith Tyson on the Telegraph) and another documentary of David Hockney on Vincent van Gogh

Checkout the many tutorials available on Skillshare

Join The Calico Club – Cultural Adventures for Curious Minds online for talks from the world of design, interiors and gardens

Follow and join the Isolation Art School on instagram, I absolutely love everything about this community. Take a photo of what you’ve made and send it to isolationartclub@gmail.com by the end of the day to be featured on the Instagram account.

Illustrator Michelle Evans will teach you how to watercolour on her insta account

Take a virtual art tour of the National Gallery… first to find the Sunflowers gets a new paint brush

No list is complete with including a video tutorial on how to paint with BOB ROSS


How about some ‘me time’ watching something on Google Arts & Culture like this from Tate Britain

The Standard Hotel in Kings Cross is sharing the coolest playlists here

Explore the archive of films on the BFI Website

Fancy watching something cultural or educational ? Then look no further than open culture.com 

10 Artist Movies & Docs to watch recommended by The Royal Academy

Find out the secrets behind designing costumes behind Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie’s costumes in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood movies from BAFTA here

Choose from the top documentary films listed here

Richard Curtis shares 5 films to watch that will make you happy with the Everyman cinema team

Collider has a list of the best docs to watch on Amazon (dated March)

Wired have a list of 41 of the best docs to watch on NETFLIX now

Vanity Fair has put together a list of the movies that were released early due to Covid19


Quarantine games with Mo Gilligan on Instagram on Wed & Saturdays at 9pm

Science with Professor Brian Cox, Robin Ince & Guests

Chester Zoo are taking you to their animals on their FB page. They have  shared their wet, furry and flying family with us.

Throw a Piece of Paper into a Bin – from the Taskmaster team

Caroline Chan of Mini Beat Music – a Toddlers singer / songwriter shares live instagram sessions.

The Singing Hands doing what they do best (this time aka Carpark Karaoke), this was one of our favourites when the #busstopkids were smaller

Watch Skinny Jean Gardener on YouTube who shares gardening activities for kids

The Wiggles were at one time, Australias most lucrative export. When you see how kids react to their songs and films, you will see why!

Here’s a 20 min music lesson for primary aged kids with Miss Katie. You can watch her play her gorgeous folk songs here as well.

People of Science is Brian Cox’s interview series where he and leading scientists discuss some of the most important figures in the history of science – The Royal Society.

The Christmas Lectures from the Royal Institution are the best! One of our favourites is Smashing a Glass with Sound led by Dr Kevin Fong.

No list is complete without including TED talks. Billed as …”where the world’s leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less)”.

Dont try this at home – that’s what Steve Backshall should have tattooed on his head. Especially relevant to this Deadly 60 programme when he handles a bullet ant, the nastiest insects out there.(68)


First up is the SPORT ENGLAND #stayinworkout campaign. Their instagram page is full of pro athletes sharing training tips, there is something for everybody. You can also search info and videos with the #stayinworkout

Follow Go Noodle for brilliant short and sweet fitness lessons and other activities on YouTube 

Ballet classes live for kids and adults from The Ballet Coach – watch on YouTube, Facebook or instagram

The Whitlock Workout with Gymnast Max Whitlock

Cosmic Kids Yoga – Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation specially for kids aged 3+

Is this your chance to learn Karate? How about a step by step lesson from the basics to the advanced in the martial art of karate with Sensei James? (7.29mins)

How about getting the kids to teach the adults to Skateboard? Here is your ‘learn how to…’ video, which adults can watch on a loop before their first lesson.

Change4Life and Disney have teamed up to bring you these 10-minute bursts of fun will really get your kids moving.

You could try a HIIT garden workout with England cricketer Tammy Beaumont. All you need is a chair / stair and some floor!

Aimed at kids aged 4- to 11-years old imoves will give you daily activities in your inbox. They know their audience, as sessions range from 2min-10mins.

Wiggle with seaweed and Dance with Disney here.

Watch and learn how to run with the BEEP TEST and Run For Life. You need 20meters of free space to do this btw.

Now is the time to build up on your balance and conditioning kids. There is no better place than with England Rugby here.

10 min games with Change4Life and Disney (especially good for disabled kids). The games are inspired by Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2, and Disney’s The Lion King and Frozen – job done!

Another for the netballers (or those with any ball available), there is this home workout with England player Sacha Corbin – only 2.14mins long. (83)


Fit With Frank – 10 min workouts

MOVE IT OR LOSE IT – Here is a FB page dedicated to the older people we know. It has heaps of info, videos and they have a DVD with fitness workouts. The website is brilliant too

Join classes streamed or live from YOGA studio Level Six in Peckham

Fitness Blender is an easy to use website that offers a 2 Week At Home Workout Challenge

British GQ has great tutorials. Start with the plank to push up here.

Nike Training club via their App will give you workouts, nutrition advice and expert fitness help. 

30 day free membership of Davina’s workout website

Keep fit with the overhead sock challenge with Nance – one of the more charming and ‘real’ fitness instructors out there.

Fitness classes with X-Elite gymnast Shona Vertue

Third Space – Beginner & Intermediate workouts on Instagram

Better With Bean Workouts. Nutrition & Fitness Programmes

Join X-Model Roger Frampton for a free online stretching workshop

Three week free trial with LRG Fitness via England Netball for England Netball members.

England Netball HIT workout – especially for umpires

Couch to 5k – NHS Couch to 5K will help you gradually work up towards running 5K in just 9 weeks

Join 6.45million others who meditate and stretch with Adrienne on YouTube

How about a 90min classic aerobics class with Dr Daniel Gartner in German ? There’s also a gentle backing track of trance music to keep you moving.

Lululemon offers 20, 45, and 60-minute yoga videos through their Community website. It’s a beautifully designed site, and makes a change from YouTube.

The APP Down Dog is FREE until April 1st. It offers Yoga, Barre and HIIT workouts.

How about a Ballet Bootcamp Workout, or Power Yoga Workout or adrenalin busting Barrys Workout – they are all available on the Sweaty Betty Online Site.

Tracy Anderson, Total Cardio Workout is available on Amazon Prime for £7.99. You can also catch a 10 min workout with Tracy on the GOOP YouTube channel – Thanks Gwyneth.

The Queen of workout videos must be included, Jane Fonda’s original workout.

There is a brilliant round up of online workouts on the GOOP site here, they’ve done all the work, and they totally know their stuff, so I shall handover to the experts now…


Image credits; Amazon – Jane Fonda’s Workout DVD, Carol Vorderman Facebook ‘Maths with Carol’, Diverse Dance Mix – Darcey Bussell.