Rome and Juliet Family Workshops at The National Theatre 2014

jpeg 14. Umar Pasha (Capulet) and Vanessa Babirye (Tybalt)_Romeo & Juliet_credit Ludovc des CognetsCan you tell I get excited about all the inspiring creative activities that are on offer out there? I also often cannot believe how many people don’t know about what’s generally happening in the arts venues across town, and consequently miss out… cue : design your own website to share the love and call it Creative Bus Stop.

If you want to be in the cool gang in your English Lit class, or thought Romeo was a rapper from LA, or that show on Nickelodean, then they are all reasons you might just fancy taking a trip to the The National Theatre this 1/2 term. On the Southbank, you will be able to see a family version of the classic Romeo and Juliet (by Ben Power) set to music, and dance with live song (29 – 31 October, daytime performances), and then until the 14th of November.

jpeg 3. Romeo & Juliet company_credit Ludovic des Cognets

You will also be able to learn how to stage a street fight or learn about the feuding families in their pre-show workshops. For £5, it’s worth booking now so not to miss out.

The big event of the holiday is the FAMILY DAY on 1-November. These always take place once a month and include a mix of drop-in activities and ticketed workshops. For kids 6–12 and adults to enjoy together.

jpeg 16. Joanna Burnett (Nurse)_Romeo & Juliet_credit Ludovic des Cognets

During the day you can :: have a go at designing a costume :: Learn how our actors perform realistic fights on stage :: Find out how music is used in NT productions and try your hand at composing :: You will also be able to meet some of the team who work behind the scenes to bring NT productions to life. If you do make it to the Family Day, have a go at the free drop in workshop : Graffiti Art – Design a Family Tag : between 11am–1pm and 2pm–5pm : Inspired by the production, design and make a family street tag using a combination of collage, stencilling and paint. Kids love nothing more than going freestyle with spray paint.

Please sign up on the day in the Clore Learning Centre from 10am to take part.Each adult may only be responsible for up to three children.

Check these books out if you want to get your young readers warmed up ;

Shakespeare for Children

Romeo & Juliet : A Babylit Counting Primer

Romeo and Juliet for Kids

Performance Info :

Romeo  & Juliet : by William Shakespeare : in a version by Ben Power : The National Theatre : 29 October – 14 November 2014 : Tickets £8 and £12 : Age 8 to 12
A modern city. A deadly feud. And a pair of star-crossed lovers.Set against a vibrant urban backdrop, bursting full of excitement, colour, dancing and live song, a company of eight recreate the most famous love story of all time. Here’s much to do with hate, but more with love…